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Your Wedding • Getting Organized Like us humans, weddings come in all shapes, forms and sizes. We do weddings from two people to weddings with two hundred. By the time you have looked at all the options available here, your head will be spinning. Take a deep breath.
We specialize in custom weddings designed and fine tuned to meet your needs and we put it together for you… by listening and custom designing what you want and need.

We do not do many packaged cookie-cutter weddings. Even if you select to elope, at no point in the process are you simply on your own or left to fend for yourself. No wedding at The Mast Farm Inn is insignificant or too small, because when you look back, regardless of how many attended or the number of proverbial fireworks, you will remember it as “the”, or certainly one of the most significant turning points in your life; it is by its very nature a momentous personal crossroad for the bride, groom, family and friends.

If you have a wedding planner, we will work with him or her, and if you don't we will help plan your wedding.
Our approach is based on listening rather than selling, understanding rather than pushing. We help you figure out what you would like, can afford, and help you get organized. If you have a wedding planner, we will work with her or him, and if you don’t, our full-time in-house wedding planner will help plan your wedding. You will find a numerous types of questionnaires by clicking here or simply give our wedding manager Danielle Deschamps a call at 828.963.5857.

Getting Organized means reviewing what is required for you and us to plan and get ready. As in most things nothing beats meticulous planning followed by flawless execution. Often that is what permits having fun. We will explain here how Reservations work for the wedding and attendant events, and for the catering, lodging and dining. We will help you review the Locations & Sites best suited to each event on the farm-estate. Many times there is a Bridal Luncheon, and usually a Rehearsal dinner, there again these can be quite simple or very big deals, it depends on you. You will need an Officiant. You probably will want Flowers; a bridal bouquet, for the ceremony, bridal luncheon or rehearsal dinner. You may or may not want a Wedding Cake, there again these things define the characteristics of your wedding. Deciding how important each thing is compared to another.

You may take your own photos or require the services of a Photographer or Videographer.
You may take your own photos or require the services of a
Photographer or Videographer. In our experience, even for very modest weddings, it is best to use the services of a professional. Even for elopements. It’s a big day, you need to enjoy it rather than be focused on capturing the moments in photos or film.

The Ceremony is very important, and it is surrounded by several of other moment. Everything leads to the Ceremony and The Reception afterwards. These can be very simple or highly orchestrated. Often Music adds a lot. There are many musicians and bands of all types in our area, and compared other areas are extremely reasonably priced. Now we come to the most fun part of the whole deal; The Honeymoon. Many people in their haste forget to organize the Honeymoon. No matter how simple, and while seemingly requiring no organization, that’s not always the best way and we have lots of helpful hints (Of the type not involving contact sports). One thing people often forget is the Memorabilia.

We have done well over 150 weddings, and well over 200 elopements, at the Inn in the last 10 years. All custom tailored. So while It’s not as confusing as it sounds, experience helps provide sound counsel and guidance. Take a deep breath, you can do it Smile Get in touch with us via the form below. Even if you do not do your wedding here, we can help you sort a few things out and make some progress. Yep, FREE! You will get no arm-twisting from us.

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Memorable Elopements, Weddings & Honeymoons
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