Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance • What is wedding insurance, why might it be necessary, useful, and how does it work? You may find the following links to articles on the subject, as well as the listing of wedding insurance providers of interest.

“A couple may purchase wedding insurance to cover unexpected financial losses related to their wedding, for instance loss or damage to the wedding dress or tuxedo. Other things potentially covered by wedding insurance include lost deposits as a result of cancellation due to illness, injury, military service or extreme weather and third-party or liquor liability claims. Most insurers will not cover cancellations that are due to “cold feet”. Currently, only one company does and it can only be purchased by the person who finances the wedding, not the Bride or Groom.” ~ WikiPedia

Articles on Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance: Protection When “I Do” Becomes “We Can’t”, Shannon Nicole Smith, SNS Blog
A little-known but very important fact is that comprehensive and inexpensive wedding insurance is widely available, and can cover almost every calamity which can occur before or during the nuptials. Today, it’s easy to find companies which will compete for your business if you want to protect your big day. And the number of variations, options and prices available make it a buyer’s market, with prices for some policies less than $150.

Why Couples Are Insuring Their Nuptials, Natasha Burton, LearnVest
Look at any wedding planning checklist for just-engaged couples and you’re bound to see tasks like “get a manicure” and “buy bridal magazines to get inspired.” What you probably won’t find? Anything related to what to do if, for example, your chosen locale floods five days before the big day, or your seamstress accidentally massacres your dream wedding dress. That’s where wedding insurance—which can protect you against a slew of nuptials-sabotaging mishaps like natural disasters, illness and vendor issues—comes in.

Wedding Insurance Protects Against Incidents On That Magical Day, Tom Barlow, Forbes
Prince William and Kate Middleton are due to be married in a little more than a week, and by this time, as anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows, big bucks have already been committed for venues, attire, transportation, gifts, flowers, and all the elements that make up a grand wedding. So what happens if, through no fault of the couple, the wedding is canceled or postponed? A lot of people stand to lose a lot of money (and not just those selling cheesy commemorative items). Perhaps the royal pair is too wealthy to consider wedding insurance, but for we commoners planning to throw a grand soirée, insurance might be a good hedge against disaster.

Insurance For The Smaller Things In Life, William P. Barrett, Forbes
Planning a wedding? Toluca Lake, Calif. insurance brokerage R.V. Nuccio & Associates offers nine—count ‘em—different coverages. Cancellation for events beyond anyone’s control, like bad weather or illness. Liability if a guest leaves the reception tanked and cracks up a car. Stolen gifts. Lost jewelry; Damaged wedding garb. A no-show photographer. Even reimbursement of deposits paid by parents if the couple cancels solely due to cold feet, as well as money for psychological counseling. Nor is this terribly expensive. The firm’s website,, quotes just $542 to provide $1 million in liability insurance and $25,000 of coverage for most other items for a modest-size wedding and reception in New Jersey. The deductible is only $25. Coverage is a la carte, so you can reduce the price by eliminating some add-ons; if “change of heart” protection strikes you as unromantic (or useless since six months’ notice is required), knock it out and save $25.

The Hidden Costs Of Wedding Insurance, Amy Fontinelle, Investopedia
Do You Really Need Wedding Insurance? Some of the items covered by wedding insurance might already be covered under your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. any things that could go wrong on your wedding day can be guarded against with wedding insurance. When you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on the event, it can make sense to spend a couple hundred more to protect yourself. Wedding insurance will not only protect the money you’ve already spent, it will ensure that you can afford to fix most potential problems.

Wedding Insurance Providers

Wedding Insurance is an insurance policy that covers your wedding and financially protects you against misfortune and mishap. Wedding Insurance policies are relatively inexpensive, a basic policy costs between $125 to $500, and can help you have peace of mind. If you’re like many brides, you may not have realized that it’s smart to have Wedding Cancellation Insurance. Wedding insurance protects the nonrefundable expenses incurred when the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding or private event, reception or honeymoon, must be canceled or postponed for certain reasons beyond your control.

Markel Wedding Insurance
You can spend months planning your special event or wedding–the last thing you want to worry about is something going wrong. Markel wants you to relax and enjoy your big day. That’s why we help you safeguard your investment with affordable wedding event insurance. We help protect you from legal and financial responsibility resulting from incidents outside of your control. Our policies cover non-refundable deposits, lost or stolen gifts, and even injuries or damage during your wedding and the rehearsal.

The biggest names in Hollywood trust Wedsure on their wedding day. So can you. We have been insuring big name celebrity weddings for years. We insure country western singers, celebrity actors, professional sports players and other celebrities for their weddings. Celebrities and their assistants have done their research and 99% of the time, they select Wedsure to insure their big day. Wedsure wedding insurance starts at only $95.

Travelers Wedding Protector Plan
We know that your special day is all you have been dreaming about — and all that you can’t stop worrying about. Put your mind at ease as Travelers helps you protect against the unanticipated. The Wedding Protector Plan® is special event insurance which provides cancellation postponement coverage and other coverage to cover your investment, with an option to add liability coverage with no deductible, for many of things that could go wrong – that are beyond your control.

CPH & Associates
In a perfect world, no wedding or special event would be affected by extreme weather or no show vendors. But sometimes there are circumstances out of your control which make cancelling an event unavoidable. Rest easy with event cancellation insurance, knowing you can recoup expenses if you’re forced to cancel or postpone an event.

StoneRidge Insurance Partners
Our Wedding Insurance product includes many critical coverages to ensure you have peace of mind during your special day. We include coverage for property damage to the rented banquet facility, medical payments coverage in case a guest falls and food/beverage product liability in the event a guest gets sick from the food. We even offer sublimits for cancellation, photographs/videos, special jewelry and wedding gifts. So sit back and enjoy your day, knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

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