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Reservations • If you are attending a wedding at the Inn we invite you to contact us via the “Reservations” form below specifically designed to facilitate that process. And of course we invite you to call our front desk or wedding manager any time at 828.963.5857, or to send us an email to

OTHER ONLINE FORMS • You may find the following online forms better address your needs, and you are welcome to use any of them which you think may apply, the “Contact” form being the simplest and fastest. Fill in as much or as little of the forms as you like, and let us know how and when to contact you. Thank You!
Contact • For any purpose, fast, minimalist, simple.
Questions & Comments • For more detailed or specific questions & comments.
Wedding Design Questionnaire • For highly detailed wedding preparation and design.
Free Overnight Stay • To request a free overnight stay to visit The Mast Farm as a potential site for your wedding.
For Guests Attending a Wedding • For guests attending a wedding at the Inn requiring more information.
Reservations • For the wedding host, party and guests to reserve lodging.

If you are looking into the possibility  of hosting a wedding with us and this is your fist contact we recommend you use either of the following form-questionnaires as they contain specialized information, more check-boxes, and drop down menus, and less typing: Contact, Questions & Comments, Wedding Design Questionnaire, Free Overnight Stay.

If you are a Guest Attending a Wedding and this is your first contact we recommend you use the Guest Attending a Wedding form-questionnaire available by clicking here.

The form-questionnaire below is designed to enable communication primarily with folks who know they are attending a wedding at the Inn, and are already familiar with the lay of the land as concerns a specific wedding. That being said feel free to use the form below even if your first contact.


Below you can express your preferences by lodging characteristics, lodging types, or by specific rooms, cottages or cabins, or any combination of the three. Check as many boxes as you deem appropriate. The host will do their best to match your preferences. In some weddings the host allocates the rooms, in others it is on a first come first served basis.
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Historic Farmhouse, Cottage & Cabin Lodging, Invigorating Retreats & Workshops, Memorable Elopements, Weddings & Honeymoons
Make Your Own History at The Mast Farm Inn
Historic Farmhouse, Cottage & Cabin Lodging
Invigorating Retreats & Workshops
Memorable Elopements, Weddings & Honeymoons
Historic Hotels of America® boutique hotel, and Select Registry® country inn, specializing in historic lodging, weddings, elopements, honeymoons, retreats and workshops, in Historic Valle Crucis, North Carolina. The Mast Farm Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places, as is the entire historic district of Valle Crucis in which it is located; a world-renowned rural mountain village, in the western North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway and Blue Ridge National Heritage Area.
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